3 Leaves

Finest Quality Products

The 3 Leaves brand was created in 2013. After having traded other company’s products for so many years, we thought it was time for us to create this private label brand. The long experience in the food industry as well as the constant feedback from retailers and customers alike, provided us with the right information in order to know what customers where really looking for in their products. For this reason, every time we plan to add a product to our private label, we make sure we source only the best in order to provide our clients with what they have been asking for. Great care is taken in assuring the provenance of the ingredients included in each product, therefore the tagline ‘Finest Quality Products’.

  • Tuna Benefits

    It is packed in sunflower oil which contains healthy unsaturated fats that may help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Furthermore, it is a source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 which are fatty acids that help in the normal function of all body systems.

    Tuna Chunks

  • Soybean Oil Benefits

    This type of oil contains virtually no flavor or aroma, allowing the clean, full flavors of other foods to stand out. It also flawlessly replaces oils higher in saturated fat in sautés and stir-fries, maintaining the flavor and integrity of other ingredients.


  • Sunflower Oil Benefits

    This type of oil acts as a natural moisturizer since it helps cells retain water due to the vitamin E it contains. Moreover, it promotes a healthy nervous system through the vitamin B it contains which also helps good digestion and is great for producing energy.

    Sunflower oil