Exclusive Fragrances created

especially for you.

Airpure has a global out-look to become a household name and focuses on contemporary and visionary products. They have developed their own bespoke and unique range of fragrances and aim to deliver market leading quality at an affordable price.

Bad smells in and around the home are unavoidable, but they are completely removable and treatable. When the right technique and product are used, your home and everything in it can smell fresh and odour free once again.

  • Apple Cinnamon

    By using apple cinnamon’s sweet fragrance, your home will smell like autumn even in the middle of summer or winter! With its ability to make you feel warm and relaxed, you won’t be too bothered by how cold or hot the weather outside is.

    Apple Cinamon

  • Citrus Scents

    Want to keep your kitchen smelling fresh despite the number of recipes you’ve already cooked? Use fragrances such as Citrus Zing and Pomegranate Citrus Cassis. They keep the kitchen smelling fresh and energetic in warm and humid summer days.


  • Fresh Flowers

    In a place where you want to relax and put on soft, background music, use a fresh flower scent that helps create that fresh and relaxing environment. Look for a fragrance that mixes the clear sharpness of lavender and the relaxing scent of eucalyptus.

    Fresh Flowers

  • Bedroom - Perfect Scents

    Lavender provides the perfect fragrance for the bedroom with its unique calming effect that subtly tickles your senses.  If you need help falling asleep, Jasmine  will leave your senses completely relaxed. It provides a scent-sational substitute to counting sheep.


  • Vanilla

    Vanilla is said to curb hunger when smelled after a hearty meal. So, if you make a habit of crawling someplace else after dining in the kitchen, use a vanilla scent in that room.