La Caterina

Three generations of the Della Peruta family have been involved in the business. The first and second generations were involved both in cultivating and trading in agricultural products, tomatoes in particular. They supplied tomatoes to the canning industry, becoming experts not only in supply, but also in processing. This allowed them to develop both the foundations and the basics for the third generation to venture into processing in 1989 and to continue to grow the production side of the business.

Today, the family directly oversees ingredient processing as well as production. They own their own fields and are part of a cooperative that looks after them. The fields are assessed and selected according to specific criteria. Production is monitored from seed to harvest, checking all the various phases and treatments.


    La Caterina let nature take its course in order to obtain the best possible results. They wait for the right maturity to harvest the tastiest goods.


  • A Question of Quality

    Quality is La Caterina’s core business as well as their mission. In order to pursue this goal, they have set up an accurate quality control that is certified by international authorities.