Nature Crops

Since 2007, NatureCrops has been inspiring and connecting consumers with Quinoa based healthy food. They started off in a garage in Argentina and moved to Europe, establishing their headquarters in Rotterdam in the Netherlands in 2013.

The NatureCrops mission is to inspire their customers to eat better, more nutritious, delicious food and to keep inventing new products to meet this goal with their growing range, which they source, ship, process and pack. Every day they deliver their products to a growing network of enthusiastic retail partners and consumers throughout the world.

  • Organic

    All NatureCrop soups are organic which means they are produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial chemicals.


  • Vegan

    All the NatureCrops Soup range is 100% animal free, so you can rest assured that these products are suitable for vegetarians AND vegans!


  • Gluten Free

    Feel safe to taste NatureCrops’ soups. All the range is free from Gluten.

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