Rizzoli Emanuelli

The name Rizzoli Emanuelli conjures up images of a family that has always loved the sea. The origins of its maritime devotion lie way back in 1898, when Luigi Rizzoli founded the first anchovy filleting and packaging company in Turin; a traditional fish processing centre. After working alongside his father Luigi in Turin for almost a decade, in 1906 Emilio Zefirino Rizzoli and his wife Antonietta Emanuelli decided to move to Parma and found their own company: Rizzoli Emanuelli (now known as Rizzoli Emanuelli SpA).

It is said that the couple bought an outstanding batch of fish that was delivered to them in packaging decorated with a picture of three amiable gnomes, which went on to become the logo of the prestigious brand and a symbol of prosperity, health and longevity.

Although it is the oldest company in its field, generation after generation it has managed to keep on reinventing itself and retain its youthful vitality.

  • Monitored Production

    The Rizzoli Emanuelli production process is monitored and guaranteed in accordance with high quality standards. The fish are caught using sustainable methods that are compatible with the marine ecosystem. The boats are monitored to ensure that they comply with strict rules.

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  • Strict Timeframes

    There is a set timeframe for the delivery of the fish to the production plants in order to guarantee that it is always fresh, and the fish is completely processed and packaged by hand with the utmost care, in the traditional manner.

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  • Guaranteed Quality

    All of the members of the production chain constantly strive to guarantee maximum quality every step of the way, in accordance with the company philosophy of making customer satisfaction and safety our number one priority.

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