Sensible Eating

With over 40 years’ experience in healthy nutrition, Schnitzer now offers a vast range of products which are free from gluten, lactose, soya, nut, egg and yeast.

Schintzer are also pioneers in the milling industry and use their household grain mills to produce their array of products targeting both people who suffer with intolerances as well as people who love to keep a balanced and healthy diet.

  • Best products, best ingredients

    Schnitzer offer healthy organic foods for customers who wish to keep a balanced diet. They also guarantee the highest possible organic quality.

    Schnitzer box 1

  • Nutritional & additional value

    The products are not only for the health conscious but also for anyone who enjoys high quality food. All the products offer extra benefits since they are free from gluten, lactose, soya, nuts, egg and yeast.

    Schnitzer box 2

  • Freshness guaranteed

    The cereals used to make their fresh bread is always freshly milled. The bread is also freshly packed after being processed.

    Schnitzer box 3