Valor is a family company which has been leading the Spanish chocolate market for over 130 years.

Valor selects three of the finest cocoa beans at origin. By carefully selecting these fine cocoas and mixing them in exact proportions, such a fine chocolate can be made with a totally unique aroma, flavor and texture.

World Leaders in Sugar - Free Chocolate

The main characteristic of Valor 0% sugar added chocolate is that it has the same superlative taste as ‘regular’ Valor chocolates but without added sugar, Valor chocolate has the widest range of 0% sugar added chocolate, suitable for people who want to stay in shape or who need to avoid sugar. All made using Stevia which is a natural sweetener. Enjoy the pleasure of chocolate without giving up the sense of indulgence.


    Valor only use their in-house mixture of three of the world’s finest cocoas: Ecuador, Ghana and Panama.

    Cocoa mixture


    Only whole Mediterranean – grown almonds of a specific caliber are used to provide all the flavor of the finest almonds and delight customers with their exquisite flavor and texture.

    Marcona Almonds


    A natural sweetener which is 300 times sweeter than sugar without containing any calorie, and having a glycemic index of 0 which leaves no aftertaste.

    Stevia plant