CELIA is traditionally batch brewed in the cellars of a 14th century castle located in the historical town Žatec famous for growing the world renowned Saaz hop since 1004. Brewed for over 2 months which includes a 14-day open vat fermentation process ensuring only natural carbonation, CELIA is crafted to remove gluten through a de-glutenisation process which enables the brewery to use only quality local ingredients ensuring no substitutions are required. CELIA is organic also suitable for vegans.

Enjoy the clean and refreshing finish of this sandy-hued lager beer that has the benefit of being gluten-free and vegan friendly. Moravian malt and single Saaz hops impart a delicate bitterness with a hint of citrus fruits and grass giving a clean refreshing finish. The light taste of Celia Organic pairs perfectly with herb-roasted chicken, grilled meat or subtle seafood dishes. Serve ice cold at 2°C to 3°C.


The patented de-glutenisation process enables the brewery to use only the finest local organic ingredients and ensures no substitutions are required to remove the gluten from CELIA.


CELIA is hand crafted during its journey through our brewery. The malted barley is released to the mashing tun and wort is transferred by manual control.


CELIA is proud to be brewed by the Žatecky brewery located in the historic Czech town Žatec.