Costa D`Oro

Costa d’Oro’s long story in olive oils began in the “Costa” (the green hills) colored by ancient and precious olive oil trees in the Umbria region, where today they still get the inspiration and energy to develop their ideas and produce their products. This is a special place where nature, passion, research, innovation and expertise are summarized in the Costa d’Oro brand.

The company seeks to continue their tradition and value of quality while remaining on the cutting edge of olive oil production. That is the reason why Costa d’Oro is one of the most distributed brands worldwide when it comes to Italian olive oil and extra virgin olive oil.


Costa D’Oro ensure that their products are: hygienic, nutritional, processed with the highest means technologically possible and have organoleptic qualities.


Olive oil is an essential food for a healthy diet thanks to the high content of mono-unsaturated fatty acids along with a high content of anti-oxidative substances.


Costa D’Oro can identify who gave them a product or substance that becomes part of a food. This is a formal admission of liability by the company stating that its products are not mysteries. It is also an effective means of protecting consumers from danger.