Good Food

Good Food has been operating in Poland since 1991.

Their aim is to provide healthy food products for people who care about health, taste and quality.

Their range of products is being sold in: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, France, Hungary, Austria Germany, UK, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Croatia, Romania, Lebanon, USA, Chile, Korea as well as in Malta.

They believe in harmony with nature and express this in their use of environmentally friendly technologies. Their production is entirely based on Australian technology which excludes the application of any artificial colours or preservatives. Simultaneously, the same technology ensures keeping all the nutritional values of the components used.


GOOD FOOD rice cakes are made using whole grains which are nutrient packed with fibre, B vitamins, antioxidants, vitamin E and protein. ... Whole grains and other unprocessed starches are far better for your heart than refined foods, because they provide more dietary fibre.


GOOD FOOD’s rice cakes contain no preservatives which mean that you can eat them with zero risk of preservative’s side effects.