Good Good

The GOOD GOOD mission is to create sugar-free but sweet options for families and individuals who want sweetness in their lives, without the sugar.

The Good Good story begins in 2015 with three friends in Iceland discussing diet and modern lifestyle problems. Two of them had close relatives with type 2 diabetes and all three were very concerned with the immense amount of sugar ingested by the modern diet. Every meal seemed to be full of sugar.

They realized that finding a way to satisfy people’s sweet cravings without compromising taste could actually have immense health benefits and revolutionize millions of people’s lives.

This spawned an inspection into the world of natural sweeteners. After a lot of experimenting beginning with table sweeteners, the three friends founded Good Good, evolving onto jams, spreads and finally nutrition bars.

The three friends have since been hard at work trying to change the way we enjoy sweet taste without removing the sweetness. Good Good has since gone on to find its place with likeminded around the world, now found in 2,500 stores in 16 countries.