Just Bars

Just Bars are a delicious every day, all-day nutritious snack!

Simply made with love and care in small batches, with the finest fruits and nuts.
Fruit & Nuts Bars are the ideal kick-start for your body, the healthy break between
meals or the perfect snack on the go!

All these bars are free from gluten, dairy, trans fats, hydrogenated fats and

They also do not contain any artificial colors or flavors, GMOs and are both a source
of fiber and kosher certified.

Gluten Free

All the bars in the JUST BARS range are gluten free, therefore safe to consume for coeliacs.

No Artificial Flavors

JUST BARS are tasty because they are made using genuine ingredients such as a variety of nuts and juicy fruit.


JUST BARS are not full of any nasty stuff such as GMOs. What you see is what you get…pure goodness!