These appetizing, lightly toasted bread cubes in the herb, onion/garlic or natural flavor are perfect for clear or thickened soups, as a garnish for crisp salads, as an accompaniment to delicate appetizers or a topping for cocktails. There’s no limit to your imagination.

They are also a delicious snack!

Quick and easy with 100% sunflower oil – for a great taste!

People love to nibble on LAND-LEBEN Croutons!

Sunflower Oil

Land-Leben croutons are made using 100% sunflower oil. Golden, light and healthy, sunflower oil contains more Vitamin E than any other vegetable oil.

Great with soups

Land-Leben croutons go down a treat with any kind of soup. The perfect finishing touch!

Great with salads

Our croutons give extra crunch to your salads. No matter what ingredients you use, Land-Leben croutons will make a great addition to your plate and palate.