NUTRIFREE hails from Tuscany, historically well-known for its bread and since the Middle ages for the hospitality offered to pilgrims travelling along Via Francigena.

Since the beginning, the company has been committed to transfer the great gastronomic heritage of delicious and genuine food into the emerging market related to special dietary needs.

Nutritional and organoleptic qualities have always been one of NUTRIFREE’s strong points which, offers a full range of gluten free bread, bakery products, bread alternatives, blends and gluten and lactose free flours.

Safe and genuine raw materials

Wide range of noble oils like extra virgin olive oil and maximum reduction of tropical oils, use of natural thickeners, native flours and ingredients characterized by variety and nutritional richness which contribute not only to naturalness but also to the genuineness and the taste of the product.

Simple and well-balanced recipes

OGM free, no hydrogenated fats, use of additives reduced to the minimum with no preservatives thanks to innovative manufacturing processes that allow to keep the product intact without affecting its genuineness.

Important nutritional characteristics

Wide range of fibre-rich, low-glycaemic offer, close attention to allergens, naturally lactose free products with no milk or eggs, without added sugar and vegan.